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We believe that investing in leadership development means valuing the human factor, enhancing the mission of the organization, and becoming more efficient.

The target audience

Anyone in a position of responsibility:

  • Executive staff
  • Senior executives
  • Board members
  • Officers of professional orders, employer organizations, trade unions or associations.


  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses when confronted with a situation that is stressful through its complexity, its unpredictability or its tight deadline.
  • Influence the decision-making process of a crisis situation.
  • Develop positive and lasting interpersonal relationships in a high-tension context.
  • Increase your team’s efficiency, competence and work quality.
  • Prepare future leaders for positions of high responsibility.

At the summit of your life investments

INTELX offers an intensive experience focused on active participation.

This exercise aims to raise awareness and is intended for people with responsibilities in large public and private companies.

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