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About the cohorts

  • Cohorts can enjoy the INTELX experience in the spring or fall.

  • Our cohorts are made up of 20 people from different companies. If necessary, we also train cohorts with employees from the same company.

  • To register for the next available cohort, please contact us.

    Phone: 1-833-927-2727


Language and content

  • Yes.

  • Yes.


Other questions

  • Yes. All participants are invited to a meeting that takes place one to two weeks after the event. The goal here is to share on the intensive experience and to exchange on the transposition of the pillars in the daily life of managers.

  • It is an acknowledgment of success given to each participant after the intensive experience. Thanks to its personalized user identification, you have access to two telephone consultations on a management issue in the year following participation.

  • This is an evening where all participants who have been through the INTELX intensive experience are invited. It’s a festive event that promotes networking among an elite group of managers who take their leadership to heart!

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